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Managed WordPress – Service Order Form

Managed WordPress

Our Managed WordPress service requires this form to be completed (right) in order to activate the key service features.

For us to monitor and manage your WordPress installation, we require admin access and we install a hidden plugin (fully compatible with all versions of WordPress) in order to keep your site under observation.

WordPress core and Plugin updates are carried out every 48 hrs, ensuring your site is always up to date and secured against any known weaknesses or threats.

Request Form

  • This is the domain name the Managed WordPress service is to be applied to.
  • For us to manage your site, we require admin access. Please create an admin user account for us, in your WordPress dashboard. Supply the login username above and password below.
  • Your VARiHOST Customer Account email address.
    Please tick the features you wish to be APPLIED to your Managed WordPress account. Un-ticked items will NOT be applied.
  • To confirm this request, please type your name and submit this form.

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