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Hosting Transfer / Migration

Move to us for free, we even honour any other hosting you have!



FREE transfer of your web site to us!

At no cost, we’ll swiftly assign a migration expert to migrate your site to us. They’ll create a migration plan and keep you updated along the way.

We honor anything you've paid another host!

If you’ve paid another host and not due a refund for the remainder of your plan with them, we’ll honor whatever you’ve paid them* So you don’t lose out.
* Like for like hosting value/comparable plan up to 10 months.

We'll migrate your site today

We have experience migrating thousands of sites. We work accurately and swiftly to complete your migration the same day. Or we can plan it for a day that suits you better.

We don't even require FTP or database access...

For WordPress sites, we can usually do everything we need from within the WordPress Admin dashboard. If you want to test the migration before updating your domain settings to point to us, we can advise how to view the migrated site, before ‘going live’.

What about email ?

We can help plan migrating your email, but we don’t carry it out for FREE as part of web site migration. Of course we’ll setup mailboxes and settings to replicate how you handle your mail. But mailbox data (emails in your email account/s) is not migrated by default. We can quote to do this for you, or you can do it yourself.


Complete the form below and one of our migration specialists will contact you to discuss and plan your migration.

* Submitting this form is no obligation to commit to a migration for either party.

Why choose us?

Reasons why you should host your web site with us

30 Day Guarantee

Cancel within 30 days and you won’t be charged a penny. No questions, no hassle. Even after 30 days there are no lengthy contracts or tie-ins. Cancel anytime. (But we’ll miss you).

100% UK Based Servers

All servers are housed in UK data centres, staffed 24x7 every day of the year for maximum support and security. Don’t compromise on the speed of your web site or its Google UK search listings. Host on our UK based servers.

UK Support

Support is provided by helpful and expert UK staff, in plain English. We pride ourselves on going beyond the usual support service you might have experienced with other hosts. Getting us 5 star reviews consistently.

One click app installer

Install from a choice of dozens of apps within your hosting control panel. Just select the app and click to install into your web space. Including WordPress, Joomla, Magento...

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